Babal Kant Jha, PhD

Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute


Pilot Grant

Methylated DNA Binding Protein MBD2 is a Targetable vulnerability of TET2 Deficiency Associated Leukemia

We have been very fortunate to get multiple VeloSano grants that resulted in a number of very fruitful research collaborations. In part funding from VeloSano pilot awards, our research led to the initiation of two clinical trials on Acute myeloid leukemia, one in collaboration with Dr. Sobecks and other with Drs. Maciejewski and Singh in a biomarker driven fashion for certain kind of leukemia. One of the Investigator Initiated Trials (IIT) we are opening for MDS (Myelodysplastic syndrome) and CMML (Chronic myelomonocytic leukemia) leukemia. We believe that this targeted approach may be curative for a significant proportion of certain leukemic patients.
Leukemia is a disease of loss of differentiation, which leads to more immature cells but not enough number of functional blood cells. This may result in lack of red blood cells platelets which causes cytopenia and anemia. Our project, in a targeted fashion, restrains the leukemia cells and allows the growth of “good” normal blood cells.

Our trials are opened in bone marrow transplant set-up, which is supported in part by VeloSano pilot grant to Dr. Jha and Dr. Ron Sobecks. Another trial will be led by Dr. Abhay Singh. This is a drug re-purposing trial and we are in discussion with drug manufacturer Novartis.

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