Making an Impact

What Is VeloSano

For everyone who wants to end cancer, VeloSano, Latin for “swift cure,” is a global fundraising movement for hope and action, created to swiftly enable the treatments of today and the cures of tomorrow through innovative, transformative research happening at Cleveland Clinic locations around the world.


24 New Pilot Grants Awarded

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VeloSano Across the Pond

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Empowering the Next Generation of Cancer Researchers

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The Research

The nation’s top researchers are working together in our hospitals and research centers in Ohio and Florida. Advances are happening in our labs and at our patient bedsides within the widest range of cancer specialties: colon cancer to breast cancer, pediatric cancer to prostate cancer. What we learn through our research in one area adds translational knowledge to the overall field of cancer research and ultimately puts us one step closer to a cure.

Studying How Low-grade Gliomas Evade Treatment

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Creating a Sarcoma Database to Help Diagnose Tumors

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Understanding Cervical Cancer Tumors May Lead to Better Therapy

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Improving Life After Head and Neck Cancer

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Treating Herpesvirus May Improve Glioblastoma Prognosis

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The Community

Every year, VeloSano brings together this special community of participants, volunteers, donors, partners and dedicated cancer researchers motivated by the tremendous need for better treatment options, outcomes and ultimately, more cures for cancer.

The Difference

Cancer research projects underway and highlighted in this report are made possible because of the efforts of our Bike to Cure participants and Trike & Bike participants.


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